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    We offer free downloadable books in regular and large print, and books in other languages. We also offer MS Word formats for those using the material in their own research and writing. All our downloadable material is offered without charge. (See our Copyright Information page.) The Downloadable Books page will give you the best overview of our material.

    This is the leading research website dedicated exclusively to the study of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) in the Christian Greek Scriptures (New Testament).

    In 1998 we published the first comprehensive study of ancient Greek manuscript evidence for the Tetragrammaton in the Christian Scriptures. . . As a result . . . a number of new books in English and other languages have been published promoting both sides of the debate, many websites in multiple languages are debating the topic, and the subject is frequently discussed in chat rooms. Continue reading this article.

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Downloadable Books
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 The August 1, 2008 Watchtower article
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The Tetragrammaton is
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Who is speaking at Revelation 1:8?
A Field Service Encounter
Is God's Name Absent in the
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Is the New World Translation
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  A Reader's Comments on the
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