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    In gratitude to the Scripture writers of the first century who freely wrote their accounts of Jesus' life, their history of the life of the first congregation, their letters to these new believers, and their vision of the heavenly kingdom without copyright protection for their own profit; and to the men and women of succeeding generations who gave their wealth and even their lives to preserve God's written Word for distribution among the commoners of their day—John Wyclif (died 1384), and William Tyndale (died 1536) to mention only two—these books are offered for your use without cost or restriction.

    You may download and print any of these books or shorter works for your own reading or for any mass reproduction and distribution you choose. This includes downloading and posting this material on your own web site without requesting permission. You may also link to our web site or to its individual pages. Please remember, however, that any material quoted in our books belongs to the original author or publisher and is covered by their copyrights.

    Because these books or shorter works are given with the intent that they become public domain, no author's name is attached to them. Because of their potential wide distribution and the impossibility of future correction, great care has been taken to insure their accuracy in the writing process. At their release, however, they are no longer the property of the original author or publisher. They belong to you the reader.

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