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How to copy pages from our website.

    We encourage others to copy our own website material from www.Tetragrammaton.org. (See our copyright policy.) We want to make the information on our website available to all who wish to use it. Of course, many website pages can be copied in the same way you can copy ours, so we must add this caution:

    Other websites often restrict use of their copyright-protected publications. Therefore, please honor their copyrights when using their websites. This is especially true of the Watchtower Society's New World Translation Bible. Note the copyright notice for the New World Translation Bible.

How to make a WORD.DOC file from a page on our website.

  1. Open a new WORD.DOC file, assign a title it, and save it.

  2. Open a website page and copy it.

  3. Click on [CONTROL C] to copy the highlighted potion.

  4. Click on [CONTROL V] to PASTE the copied page into the open WORD.DOC file.

  5. SAVE the WORD.DOC file

  6. You now have the website page as a WORD.DOC file. You may want to edit the WORD.DOC file.

How to make a PDF file from a WORD.DOC file.

  1. Open the PRINT command. (Do not click on the header icon or it will take the WORD.DOC file directly to your printer. Use [CONTROL / P] to open the dialog box. Then, open the print bar options (the top bar after NAME:) and toggle to [ACROBAT PDF] as shown in the illustration below.

  2. Click on PRINT, select the file name and click ENTER. Acrobat will print and save the WORD.DOC pages as a PDF file.

  3. If you do not have ACROBAT READER, you can download a free version from Acrobat's website.

How to copy an entire web page from our website.

    You may download any of the content material from pages on our website in order use them on your own website. We have purposely posted all of our pages so that the SOURCE information can be readily viewed.

Please Note: You may not reproduce our distinctive black and green Word Resources, Inc. page format, though you may reproduce the content material within any of those pages.

  1. Open a blank HTM or HTML page, or a template page with our own website header and footer.

  2. Open the page on our website you wish to copy. On your tool bar, open VIEW, then click on SOURCE. A page will then open in NOTEPAD.

  3. Highlight the entire NOTEPAD page [CONTROL / A] and copy it [CONTROL / C]. PASTE the page into your blank HTM or HTML page.

    Note: When you copy a page from a viewable web page as described above, it does not copy HTM or HTML code. It must be copied from the NOTEPAD or an HTM or HTML editor to copy the code. However, when the code is copied, it can be pasted to a WORD.DOC page and will store the code. In the absence of an HTM(L) editor, it can be edited on the WORD.DOC (or WORD.HTM) page before uploading to a website.

  4. Edit the new page so that it removes the black and green Word Resources, Inc. format (if any), removes any links to our own pages you do not want, and includes your own header and footer.

How to copy graphics from our website.

    If you are copying material from our website which requires graphics, you may also download the graphics from our website.

  1. Since the graphics and the page on which the graphics are used must both be in the same folder, create a new folder for both the page and graphics you will create.

  2. Open the website page you want to download and move the cursor over a graphic. (For our illustration, open Chapter 4 from The Tetragrammaton and the Christian Greek Scriptures.

  3. Place your cursor on the first graphic and right click. A dialog box will appear. Find the word COPY and click.

  4. Open the FOLDER and PASTE the graphic into it. (Note: you cannot paste a graphic into an HTM or HTML document.)

  5. The graphic we chose is titled tetrafigp44.gif. However, when you paste it into the folder, it will appear as tetrafigp44[1].gif because it will download as copy [1]. You must remove the [1] and leave no spaces.

  6. If the HTM or HTML page requiring this graphic and tetrafigp44.gif are in the same folder, the graphic will open on this page.