Books Available for Translation

    Because our material is not copyright-protected, any of our books may be translated without special permission. Two books and two tracts are particularly useful for translation.

The Divine Name in the New World Translation This 70-page book is an excellent summary of the lack of evidence for the Tetragrammaton in Greek Christian Scripture manuscripts and an evaluation of the Hebrew version apparatus used in the Kingdom Interlinear Translation. This book is currently available in downloadable format on this web site (

Is the New World Translation a Better Bible? This short 14-page booklet is an excellent introduction to translation problems encountered in the New World Translation. It was written especially for translation using simple English and non-technical terminology. It was written for a general audience rather than primarily for the Jehovah's Witness reader. It is an excellent choice for a first translation effort.

Both tracts, The Tetragrammaton is Essential to Your Faith and What are Hebrew Versions? are also good translation material. Both of these tracts are currently available in downloadable format on this web site (

    We are always pleased to see this material used either in English or translated on other's web sites. Our material is always free; there is never a charge for its use.

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