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The complete book: The Tetragrammaton and the Christian Greek Scriptures
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Appendix C: Kyrios in the Christian Greek Scriptures

    The New World Translation renders the Greek word Kyrios (Κύριος) with a variety of English nouns. In this appendix, all occurrences of Kyrios in the Greek text of the Christian Greek Scriptures are listed. (A Concordance to the Greek Testament by Moulton and Geden, which is cited in the Kingdom Interlinear Translation as J20, was used to locate the Greek noun Kyrios. The Greek text is from Westcott and Hort as found in the Kingdom Interlinear Translation.) The English equivalent listed in the right-hand column is the translation as it appears in the New World Translation. Because of its special interest, this appendix has also included those instances in which Kyrios is translated as Jehovah in the New World Translation. By including all Kyrios words in this appendix, the student is able to compare the variety of English words employed by the translators.[1]

[1] The New World Translation's use of multiple English words for the single Greek word Kyrios is interesting in light of the statement on page 7 of the New World Translation Reference Edition, which says,

    Taking liberties with the texts for the mere sake of brevity, and substituting some modern parallel when a literal rendering of the original makes good sense, has been avoided. Uniformity of rendering has been maintained by assigning one meaning to each major word and by holding to that meaning as far as the context permits. At times this has imposed a restriction upon word choice, but it aids in cross-reference work and in comparing related texts. [Emphasis added.]

    In spite of the apparent difficulty this variety brings to the translators' stated translation philosophy, the author feels that the use of words such as "owner," "master," and "sir," adds clarity to the Christian Greek Scripture illustrations and historical accounts. The terms "Master," and "Sir," when used by individuals addressing Jesus are appropriately used by the translators, and give breadth to the Gospel narration.

    In this appendix, the upper- and lower-case letters for Kyrios have been reproduced exactly as written in the Kingdom Interlinear Translation. (For example, Matthew 7:21 uses both Κύριε and κύριε.) The modern Greek text uses an upper-case (capital) letter for only a proper noun (a name) and the beginning of a quotation. Possessive forms are not indicated in the appendix. The 's (apostrophe s) has been omitted in all cases where it is used in translating Kyrios in the New World Translation. No precision would be gained by identifying this Greek word function, inasmuch as the English sentence may read either "the Lord's work," or "the work of the Lord." Both are appropriate translations. In the infrequent instances where a plural form of Kyrios is employed, the plural English form is given in the appendix. For examples, see Matthew 6:24 (which is written κυρίοις rather than κυρίω), 1 Corinthians 8:5 (which is written κύριοι rather than κύριος), or Revelation 17:14 (which is written κυρίων rather than κυρίου).

    Discounting capitalization, the noun identified in the English text as Kyrios is shown in this appendix with eight spelling variations (κύριος, κύριοι, κύριε, κύριοι, κυρίω, κυρίοις, κύριον, κυρίου, and κυρίων). (Take note in the table below that two grammatical functions use a similar spelling.) In the Greek language, the noun must agree with (or be identified by) its function in the sentence. This is achieved by spelling changes in the suffix (ending letters) of the word. Thus, each of the forms of the word Kyrios in this appendix is derived from the same root word in the Greek language, though the spelling is altered according to the grammatical function of the word in the Greek sentence. Only the noun functions of the root word Kyrios have been reproduced in this appendix. Related forms such as to lord [something] over, lordship, etc. have not been included. Only those grammatical forms which are included in this appendix are identified in the table. The following table is not comprehensive.

Κύριος Kyrios The subject of the sentence in singular form. For Lord of the sabbath is what the Son of man is. (Matt. 12:8)
κύριοι kyrioy The subject of the sentence in plural form. When her masters saw that their hope of gain had left, they laid hold of Paul. (Acts 16:19)
κύριε kyrie The singular object of direct address. Lord, let me recover sight. (Luke 18:41)
κύριοι kyrioy The plural object of direct address. (Uses the same ending as plural subject.) Sirs, what must I do to get saved? (Acts 16:30)
κυρίω kyrio The singular indirect object ("to" something, or "for" something). But you must pay your vows to Jehovah. (Matt. 5:33)
κυρίοις kyrioice The plural indirect object ("to" some things, or "for" some things). No house servant can be a slave to two masters. (Luke 16:13)
κύριον kyrion The singular direct object (answers "who" or "what"). If anyone has no affection for the Lord, let him be accursed. (1 Cor. 16:22)
κυρίου kyriou The singular possessive (something "of" someone). A slave is not greater than his master. (John 15:20)
κυρίων kyrion The plural possessive (something "of" two or more). He is Lord of lords. (Rev. 17:14)

Table 8. The grammatical function of Kyrios in Greek sentences.

    The following list of references includes the total occurrences of the noun form of the word Kyrios (κύριος) as found in the Christian Greek Scriptures:

Key: KIT identifies the Greek word (column 2) and the English translation (column 3) found in the Kingdom Interlinear Translation. NWT identifies the English translation from the New World Translation. Lord in italics (lord) indicates that the word is spelled with a lower-case letter in the Kingdom Interlinear Translation.[2]

[2] Not all capitalized Lord citations refer to Jesus. The verse context must be considered. (For example, see Matt. 25:24.) The Gospels contain the greatest number of references wherein Lord is used of someone other than Jesus. Equally, the Gospels contain the largest number of lord citations in lower-case.

  1:20 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  1:22 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  1:24 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:13 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:15 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:19 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  3:3 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  4:7 Κύριον Lord Jehovah
  4:10 Κύριον Lord Jehovah
  5:33 Κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  6:24 κύριοι Lords masters
  7:21 Κύριε Lord Lord
  7:21 κύριε Lord Lord
  7:22 Κύριε Lord Lord
  7:22 κύριε Lord Lord
  8:2 Κύριε Lord Lord
  8:6 Κύριε Lord Sir
  8:8 Κύριε Lord Sir
  8:21 Κύριε Lord Lord
  8:25 Κύριε Lord Lord
  9:28 κύριε Lord Lord
  9:38 κυρίου Lord master
  10:24 κυρίου Lord Lord
  10:25 κύριος Lord Lord
  11:25 κύριε Lord Lord
  12:8 κύριος Lord Lord
  13:27 Κύριε Lord master
  14:28 Κύριε Lord Lord
  14:30 Κύριε Lord Lord
  15:22 κύριε Lord Lord
  15:25 Κύριε Lord Lord
  15:27 κύριε Lord Lord
  16:22 κύριε Lord Lord
  17:4 Κύριε Lord Lord
  17:15 Κύριε Lord Lord
  8:21 Κύριε Lord Lord
  18:25 κύριος Lord master
  18:27 κύριος Lord master
  18:31 κυρίω Lord master
  18:32 κύριος Lord master
  18:34 κύριος Lord master
  20:8 κύριος Lord master
  20:30 Κύριε Lord Lord
  20:31 Κύριε Lord Lord
  20:33 Κύριε Lord Lord
  21:3 κύριος Lord Lord
  21:9 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  21:29 κύριε Lord sir
  21:40 κύριος Lord owner
  21:42 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  22:37 Κύριον Lord Jehovah
  22:43 κύριον Lord Lord
  22:44 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  22:44 κυρίω Lord Lord
  22:45 κύριον Lord Lord
  23:39 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  24:42 κύριος Lord Lord
  24:45 κύριος Lord master
  25:46 κύριος Lord master
  24:48 κύριος Lord master
  24:50 κύριος Lord master
  25:11 Κύριε Lord Sir
  25:11 κύριε Lord sir
  25:18 κυρίου Lord master
  25:19 κύριος Lord master
  25:20 Κύριε Lord master
  25:21 κύριος Lord master
  25:21 κυρίου Lord master
  25:22 Κύριε Lord master
  25:23 κύριος Lord master
  25:23 κυρίου Lord master
  25:24 Κύριε Lord master
  25:26 κύριος Lord master
  25:37 Κύριε Lord Lord
  25:44 Κύριε Lord Lord
  26:22 κύριε Lord Lord
  27:10 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  28:2 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  1:3 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:28 κύριος Lord Lord
  5:19 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  7:28 κύριε Lord sir
  11:3 κύριος Lord Lord
  11:9 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  12:9 κύριος Lord owner
  12:11 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  12:29 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  12:29 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  12:30 Κύριον Lord Jehovah
  12:36 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  12:36 κυρίω Lord Lord
  12:37 κύριον Lord Lord
  13:20 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  13:35 κύριος Lord master
  16:19 κύριος Lord Lord
  16:20 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:6 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  1:9 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  1:11 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  1:15 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  1:16 Κύριον Lord Jehovah
  1:17 Κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  1:25 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  1:28 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  1:32 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  1:38 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  1:43 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:45 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  1:46 Κύριον Lord Jehovah
  1:58 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  1:66 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  1:68 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  1:76 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:9 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:9 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:11 κύριος Lord Lord
  2:15 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  2:22 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  2:23 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:23 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  2:24 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:26 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:39 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  3:4 Κύριον Lord Jehovah
  4:8 Κύριον Lord Jehovah
  4:12 Κύριον Lord Jehovah
  4:18 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  4:19 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  5:8 κύριε Lord Lord
  5:12 Κύριε Lord Lord
  5:17 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  6:5 Κύριος Lord Lord
  6:46 Κύριε Lord Lord
  6:46 κύριε Lord Lord
  7:6 Κύριε Lord Sir
  7:13 κύριος Lord Lord
  7:19 κύριον Lord Lord
  9:54 Κύριε Lord Lord
  9:61 κύριε Lord Lord
  10:1 κύριος Lord Lord
  10:2 κυρίου Lord master
  10:17 Κύριε Lord Lord
  10:21 κύριε Lord Lord
  10:27 Κύριον Lord Jehovah
  10:39 κυρίου Lord Lord
  10:40 Κύριε Lord Lord
  10:41 κύριος Lord Lord
  11:1 Κύριε Lord Lord
  11:39 κύριος Lord Lord
  12:36 κύριον Lord master
  12:37 κύριος Lord master
  12:41 Κύριε Lord Lord
  12:42 κύριος Lord Lord
  12:42 κύριος Lord master
  12:43 κύριος Lord master
  12:45 κύριος Lord master
  12:46 κύριος Lord master
  12:47 κυρίου Lord master
  13:8 Κύριε Lord master
  13:15 κύριος Lord Lord
  13:23 Κύριε Lord Lord
  13:25 Κύριε Lord Sir
  13:35 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  14:21 κυρίω Lord master
  14:22 Κύριε Lord master
  14:23 κύριος Lord master
  16:3 κύριος Lord master
  16:5 κυρίου Lord master
  16:5 κυρίω Lord master
  16:8 κύριος Lord master
  16:13 κυρίοις Lords masters
  17:5 κυρίω Lord Lord
  17:6 κύριος Lord Lord
  17:37 κύριε Lord Lord
  18:6 κύριος Lord Lord
  18:41 Κύριε Lord Lord
  19:8 κύριον Lord Lord
  19:8 κύριε Lord Lord
  19:16 Κύριε Lord Lord
  19:18 κύριε Lord Lord
  19:20 Κύριε Lord Lord
  19:25 Κύριε Lord Lord
  19:31 κύριος Lord Lord
  19:33 κύριοι Lords owners
  19:34 κύριος Lord Lord
  19:38 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  20:13 κύριος Lord owner
  20:15 κύριος Lord owner
  20:37 Κύριον Lord Jehovah
  20:42 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  20:42 κυρίω Lord Lord
  20:44 κύριον Lord Lord
  22:33 Κύριε Lord Lord
  22:38 Κύριε Lord Lord
  22:49 Κύριε Lord Lord
  22:61 κύριος Lord Lord
  22:61 κυρίου Lord Lord
  24:3 κυρίου Lord Lord
  24:34 κύριος Lord Lord
  1:23 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  4:1 κύριος Lord Lord
  4:11 Κύριε Lord Sir
  4:15 Κύριε Lord Sir
  4:19 Κύριε Lord Sir
  4:49 Κύριε Lord Lord
  5:7 Κύριε Lord Sir
  6:23 κυρίου Lord Lord
  6:34 Κύριε Lord Lord
  6:68 Κύριε Lord Lord
  8:11 κύριε Lord sir
  9:36 κύριε Lord sir
  9:38 κύριε Lord Lord
  11:2 κύριον Lord Lord
  11:3 Κύριε Lord Lord
  11:12 Κύριε Lord Lord
  11:21 Κύριε Lord Lord
  11:27 κύριε Lord Lord
  11:32 Κύριε Lord Lord
  11:34 Κύριε Lord Lord
  11:39 Κύριε Lord Lord
  12:13 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  12:21 Κύριε Lord Sir
  12:38 Κύριε Lord Jehovah
  12:38 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  13:6 Κύριε Lord Lord
  13:9 Κύριε Lord Lord
  13:13 κύριος Lord Lord
  13:14 κύριος Lord Lord
  13:16 κυρίου Lord master
  13:25 Κύριε Lord Lord
  13:36 Κύριε Lord Lord
  13:37 Κύριε Lord Lord
  14:5 Κύριε Lord Lord
  14:8 Κύριε Lord Lord
  14:22 Κύριε Lord Lord
  15:15 κύριος Lord master
  15:20 κυρίου Lord master
  20:2 κύριον Lord Lord
  20:13 κύριον Lord Lord
  20:15 Κύριε Lord Sir
  20:18 κύριον Lord Lord
  20:20 κύριον Lord Lord
  20:25 κύριον Lord Lord
  20:28 κύριος Lord Lord
  21:7 κύριος Lord Lord
  21:7 κύριος Lord Lord
  21:12 κύριος Lord Lord
  21:15 κύριε Lord Lord
  21:16 κύριε Lord Lord
  21:17 Κύριε Lord Lord
  21:20 Κύριε Lord Lord
  21:21 Κύριε Lord Lord
  1:6 Κύριε Lord Lord
  1:21 κύριος Lord Lord
  1:24 κύριε Lord Jehovah
  2:20 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:21 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:25 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:34 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  2:34 κυρίω Lord Lord
  2:36 κύριον Lord Lord
  2:39 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  2:47 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  3:19 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  3:22 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  4:26 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  4:29 κύριε Lord Jehovah
  4:33 κυρίου Lord Lord
  5:9 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  5:14 κυρίω Lord Lord
  5:19 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  7:31 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  7:33 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  7:49 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  7:59 Κύριε Lord Lord
  7:60 Κύριε Lord Jehovah
  8:16 κυρίου Lord Lord
  8:22 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  8:24 κύριον Lord Jehovah
  8:25 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  8:26 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  8:39 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  9:1 κυρίου Lord Lord
  9:5 κύριε Lord Lord
  9:10 κύριος Lord Lord
  9:10 κύριε Lord Lord
  9:11 κύριος Lord Lord
  9:13 Κύριε Lord Lord
  9:15 κύριος Lord Lord
  9:17 κύριος Lord Lord
  9:27 κύριον Lord Lord
  9:28 κυρίου Lord Lord
  9:31 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  9:35 κύριον Lord Lord
  9:42 κύριον Lord Lord
  10:4 κύριε Lord Lord
  10:14 κύριε Lord Lord
  10:33 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  10:36 κύριος Lord Lord
  11:8 κύριε Lord Lord
  11:16 κυρίου Lord Lord
  11:17 κύριον Lord Lord
  11:20 κύριον Lord Lord
  11:21 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  11:21 κύριον Lord Lord
  11:23 κυρίω Lord Lord
  11:24 κύριε Lord Lord
  12:7 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  12:11 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  12:17 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  12:23 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  12:24 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  13:2 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  13:10 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  13:11 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  13:12 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  13:47 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  13:49 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  14:3 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  14:23 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  15:11 κυρίου Lord Lord
  15:17 Κύριον Lord Jehovah
  15:17 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  15:26 κυρίου Lord Lord
  15:35 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  15:36 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  15:40 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  16:14 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  16:15 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  16:16 κύριος Lords masters
  16:19 κύριοι Lords masters
  16:30 Κύριοι Lords Sirs
  16:31 κύριον Lord Lord
  17:24 κύριος Lord Lord
  18:8 κυρίω Lord Lord
  18:9 κύριος Lord Lord
  18:25 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  19:5 κυρίου Lord Lord
  19:10 κυρίου Lord Lord
  19:13 κυρίου Lord Lord
  19:17 κυρίου Lord Lord
  19:20 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  20:19 κυρίω Lord Lord
  20:21 κύριον Lord Lord
  20:24 κυρίου Lord Lord
  20:32 κυρίω Lord God
  20:35 κυρίου Lord Lord
  21:13 κυρίου Lord Lord
  21:14 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  22:8 κυρίω Lord Lord
  22:10 κυρίω Lord Lord
  22:10 κύριος Lord Lord
  22:19 κύριε Lord Lord
  23:11 κύριος Lord Lord
  25:26 κυρίω Lord Lord
  26:15 κυρίω Lord Lord
  26:15 κύριος Lord Lord
  28:31 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:4 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:7 κυρίου Lord Lord
  4:8 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  4:24 κύριον Lord Lord
  5:1 κυρίου Lord Lord
  5:11 κυρίου Lord Lord
  5:21 κυρίου Lord Lord
  6:23 κυρίω Lord Lord
  7:25 κυρίου Lord Lord
  8:39 κυρίω Lord Lord
  9:28 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  9:29 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  10:9 Κύριος Lord Lord
  10:12 κύριος Lord Lord
  10:13 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  10:16 Κύριε Lord Jehovah
  11:3 Κύριε Lord Jehovah
  11:34 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  12:11 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  12:19 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  13:14 κύριον Lord Lord
  14:4 κυρίω Lord master
  14:4 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  14:6 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  14:6 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  14:6 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  14:8 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  14:8 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  14:8 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  14:11 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  14:14 κυρίω Lord Lord
  15:6 κυρίου Lord Lord
  15:11 κύριον Lord Jehovah
  15:30 κυρίου Lord Lord
  16:2 κυρίω Lord Lord
  16:8 κυρίω Lord Lord
  16:11 κυρίω Lord Lord
  16:12 κυρίω Lord Lord
  16:12 κυρίω Lord Lord
  16:13 κυρίω Lord Lord
  16:18 κυρίω Lord Lord
  16:20 κυρίου Lord Lord
  16:22 κυρίω Lord Lord
  1 Corinthians
  1:2 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:3 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:7 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:8 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:9 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:10 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:31 Κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  2:8 κύριον Lord Lord
  2:16 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  3:5 κύριος Lord Lord
  3:20 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  4:4 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  4:5 κύριος Lord Lord
  4:17 κυρίω Lord Lord
  4:19 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  5:4 κυρίου Lord Lord
  5:4 κυρίου Lord Lord
  5:5 κυρίου Lord Lord
  6:11 κυρίου Lord Lord
  6:13 κυρίω Lord Lord
  6:13 κύριος Lord Lord
  6:14 κύριον Lord Lord
  6:17 κυρίω Lord Lord
  7:10 κύριος Lord Lord
  7:12 κύριος Lord Lord
  7:17 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  7:22 κυρίω Lord Lord
  7:22 κυρίου Lord Lord
  7:25 κυρίου Lord Lord
  7:25 κυρίου Lord Lord
  7:32 κυρίου Lord Lord
  7:32 κυρίω Lord Lord
  7:34 κυρίου Lord Lord
  7:35 κυρίω Lord Lord
  7:39 κυρίω Lord Lord
  8:5 κύριοι Lord Lords
  8:6 κύριος Lord Lord
  9:1 κύριον Lord Lord
  9:1 κυρίω Lord Lord
  9:2 κυρίω Lord Lord
  9:5 κυρίου Lord Lord
  9:14 κύριος Lord Lord
  10:9 κύριον Lord Jehovah
  10:21 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  10:21 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  10:22 κύριον Lord Jehovah
  10:26 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  11:11 κυρίω Lord Lord
  11:23 κυρίου Lord Lord
  11:23 κύριος Lord Lord
  11:26 κυρίου Lord Lord
  11:27 κυρίου Lord Lord
  11:27 κυρίου Lord Lord
  11:32 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  12:3 Κύριος Lord Lord
  12:5 κύριος Lord Lord
  14:21 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  14:37 κυρίου Lord Lord
  15:31 κυρίω Lord Lord
  15:57 κυρίου Lord Lord
  15:58 κυρίου Lord Lord
  16:7 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  16:10 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  16:19 κυρίω Lord Lord
  16:22 κύριον Lord Lord
  16:23 κυρίου Lord Lord
  2 Corinthians
  1:2 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:3 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:14 κυρίου Lord Lord
  2:12 κυρίω Lord Lord
  3:16 Κύριον Lord Jehovah
  3:17 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  3:17 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  3:18 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  3:18 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  4:5 κύριον Lord Lord
  4:14 κύριον Lord Ø
  5:6 κυρίου Lord Lord
  5:8 κύριον Lord Lord
  5:11 κυρίου Lord Lord
  6:17 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  6:18 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  8:5 κυρίω Lord Lord
  8:9 κυρίου Lord Lord
  8:19 κυρίου Lord Lord
  8:21 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  10:8 κύριος Lord Lord
  10:17 Κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  10:18 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  11:17 κύριον Lord Lord
  11:31 κυρίου Lord Lord
  12:1 Κυρίου Lord Lord
  12:8 κύριον Lord Lord
  13:10 κύριος Lord Lord
  13:14 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:3 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:19 κυρίου Lord Lord
  4:1 κύριος Lord Lord
  5:10 κυρίω Lord Lord
  6:14 κυρίου Lord Lord
  6:18 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:2 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:3 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:15 κυρίω Lord Lord
  1:17 κυρίου Lord Lord
  2:21 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  3:11 κυρίω Lord Lord
  4:1 κυρίω Lord Lord
  4:5 κύριος Lord Lord
  4:17 κυρίω Lord Lord
  5:8 κυρίω Lord Lord
  5:10 κυρίω Lord Lord
  5:17 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  5:19 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  5:20 κυρίου Lord Lord
  5:22 κυρίω Lord Lord
  6:1 κυρίω Lord Lord
  6:4 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  6:5 κυρίοις Lords masters
  6:7 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  6:8 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  6:9 kurivoi Lords masters
  6:9 κύριος Lord Master
  6:10 κυρίω Lord Lord
  6:21 κυρίω Lord Lord
  6:23 κυρίου Lord Lord
  6:24 κύριον Lord Lord
  1:2 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:14 κυρίω Lord Lord
  2:11 Κύριος Lord Lord
  2:19 κυρίω Lord Lord
  2:24 κυρίω Lord Lord
  2:29 κυρίω Lord Lord
  2:30 Κυρίου Lord Lord
  3:1 κυρίω Lord Lord
  3:8 κυρίου Lord Lord
  3:20 κύριον Lord Lord
  4:1 κυρίω Lord Lord
  4:2 κυρίω Lord Lord
  4:4 κυρίω Lord Lord
  4:5 κύριος Lord Lord
  4:10 κυρίω Lord Lord
  4:23 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:3 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:10 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:6 κύριον Lord Lord
  3:13 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  3:17 κυρίου Lord Lord
  3:18 κυρίω Lord Lord
  3:20 κυρίω Lord Lord
  3:22 κυρίοις Lords masters
  3:22 κύριον Lord Jehovah
  3:23 κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  3:24 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  3:24 κυρίω Lord master
  4:1 κύριον Lord master
  4:7 κυρίω Lord Lord
  4:17 κυρίω Lord Lord
  1 Thessalonians
  1:1 κυρίω Lord Lord
  1:3 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:6 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:8 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:15 κύριον Lord Lord
  2:19 κυρίου Lord Lord
  3:8 κυρίω Lord Lord
  3:11 κύριος Lord Lord
  3:12 κύριος Lord Lord
  3:13 κυρίου Lord Lord
  4:1 κυρίω Lord Lord
  4:2 κυρίου Lord Lord
  4:6 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  4:15 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  4:15 κυρίου Lord Lord
  4:16 κύριος Lord Lord
  4:17 κυρίου Lord Lord
  4:17 κυρίω Lord Lord
  5:2 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  5:9 κυρίου Lord Lord
  5:12 κυρίω Lord Lord
  5:23 κυρίου Lord Lord
  5:27 κύριον Lord Lord
  5:28 κυρίου Lord Lord
  2 Thessalonians
  1:1 κυρίω Lord Lord
  1:2 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:7 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:8 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:9 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:12 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:12 κυρίου Lord Lord
  2:1 κυρίου Lord Lord
  2:2 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:8 κύριος Lord Lord
  2:13 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:14 κυρίου Lord Lord
  2:16 κύριος Lord Lord
  3:1 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  3:3 κύριος Lord Lord
  3:4 κυρίω Lord Lord
  3:5 κύριος Lord Lord
  3:6 κυρίου Lord Lord
  3:12 κυρίω Lord Lord
  3:16 κύριος Lord Lord
  3:16 κύριος Lord Lord
  3:18 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1 Timothy
  1:2 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:12 κυρίω Lord Lord
  1:14 κυρίου Lord Lord
  6:3 κυρίου Lord Lord
  6:14 κυρίου Lord Lord
  6:15 κύριος Lord Lord
  2 Timothy
  1:2 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:8 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:16 κύριος Lord Lord
  1:18 κύριος Lord Lord
  1:18 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:7 κύριος Lord Lord
  2:19 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  2:19 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:22 κύριον Lord Lord
  2:24 κυρίου Lord Lord
  3:11 κύριος Lord Lord
  4:8 κύριος Lord Lord
  4:14 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  4:17 kuvriov" Lord Lord
  4:18 κύριος Lord Lord
  4:22 κύριος Lord Lord
  3 κυρίου Lord Lord
  5 κύριον Lord Lord
  16 κυρίω Lord Lord
  20 κυρίω Lord Lord
  25 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:10 κύριε Lord Lord
  2:3 κυρίου Lord Lord
  7:14 κύριος Lord Lord
  7:21 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  8:2 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  8:8 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  8:9 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  8:10 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  8:11 κύριον Lord Jehovah
  10:16 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  10:30 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  12:5 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  12:6 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  12:14 κύριον Lord Lord
  13:6 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  13:20 κύριον Lord Lord
  1:1 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:7 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:1 κυρίου Lord Lord
  3:9 κύριον Lord Jehovah
  4:10 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  4:15 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  5:4 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  5:7 κυρίου Lord Lord
  5:8 κυρίου Lord Lord
  5:10 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  5:11 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  5:11 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  5:14 κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  5:15 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  1 Peter
  1:3 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:25 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  2:3 κύριος Lord Lord
  2:13 κύριον Lord Lord
  3:6 κύριον Lord Lord
  3:12 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  3:12 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  3:15 κύριον Lord Lord
  2 Peter
  1:2 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:8 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:11 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:14 κύριος Lord Lord
  1:16 κυρίου Lord Lord
  2:9 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  2:11 Κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  2:20 κυρίου Lord Lord
  3:2 κυρίου Lord Lord
  3:8 Κυρίω Lord Jehovah
  3:9 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  3:10 Κυρίου Lord Jehovah
  3:15 κυρίου Lord Lord
  3:18 κυρίου Lord Lord
  4 κύριον Lord Lord
  5 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  9 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  14 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  17 κυρίου Lord Lord
  21 κυρίου Lord Lord
  25 κυρίου Lord Lord
  1:8 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  4:8 Κύριος Lord Jehovah
  4:11 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  7:14 Κύριεv Lord Lord
  11:4 κυρίου Lord Lord
  11:8 κύριος Lord Lord
  11:15 κυρίου Lord Lord
  11:17 κύριε Lord Jehovah
  14:13 κυρίω Lord Lord
  15:3 κύριε Lord Jehovah
  15:4 κύριε Lord Jehovah
  16:7 κύριε Lord Jehovah
  17:14 κύριος Lord Lord
  17:14 κυρίων Lords Lords
  18:8 Κύριε Lord Jehovah
  19:6 Κύριε Lord Jehovah
  19:16 Κύριος Lord Lord
  19:16 κυρίων Lords Lords
  21:22 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  22:5 Κύριε Lord Jehovah
  22:6 κύριος Lord Jehovah
  22:20 κύριε Lord Lord
  22:21 κυρίου Lord Lord

Information summary

 Kingdom Interlinear Translation
    Translated as "Lord." 651  
    Translated as "lord" or "lords." 62  
    Translated as "Lords." 1  
       Total occurrences of Kyrios in KIT." 714  
 New World Translation
    Translated as "Lord."[ 3 ] 406  
    Translated as "Master," "master," or "masters." 53  
    Translated as "Sir," "sir" or "sirs." 17  
    Translated as "lord" or "lords." 8  
    Translated as "owner" or "owners." 5  
    Translated as "God." 1  
    Not translated. 1  
       Total representation of Kyrios in NWT." 714  

[3] Initial capital letters for "Lord" (in both KIT and NWT) or "Master," and "Sir" (in NWT) do not necessarily indicate reference to Jesus. In a small number of cases, the word occurs at the beginning of a sentence (in English) or the beginning of a direct quotation (in Greek).    return

Table 9. Summary of all occurrences of Kyrios in both the Kingdom Interlinear Translation
and the New World Translation.

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