An open letter to non-Jehovah's Witnesses

Dear Reader,

    The history of the Church has been inextricably linked to the defense of Scripture. We must object to any distortion of God's written revelation and accept only the best manuscript evidence as the foundation of all English Bible translations. As such, it is entirely appropriate that we demand that the Watchtower Society publish a Bible that is accurate in its translation of the New Testament Greek manuscripts. We are fully justified in our insistence that the name "Jehovah" not be inserted 237 times into the New World Translation's Christian Scriptures (New Testament). Our position is not an outgrowth of our theology. Rather, it is based on verifiable manuscript evidence showing that the writers of the New Testament used only the Greek word Kurios (Lord) to identify both Yahweh of the Old Testament and Jesus in the New Testament as "Lord." There is no New Testament Greek manuscript evidence of the Divine Name being written in Hebrew letters.

    However, if any from outside the Watch Tower's ranks would dare to evaluate the New World Translation's error of inserting "Jehovah" in the "New Testament," we must equally listen to what the Watchtower Society has long said about the faulty translation process in our own English Bible tradition. We boldly question the historical and textual basis for the use of "Jehovah" 237 times in what we call the New Testament. Why do we so completely fail to see our own error in publishing an Old Testament that has removed God's name 6,828 times by inserting LORD in place of the Divine Name?

With true repentance we must translate and publish without alteration what God has written in His Word. Difficult as it would be to correct almost 600 years of English Bible tradition, we must reinstate the name of God in our Old Testament.

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