An Open Letter to Witnesses

Dear Witness reader:

    We commend you as an individual, and the Watchtower Society to which you are affiliated, for your unwavering defense of the divine name in the Hebrew Scriptures.  The divine name is written in the best Hebrew manuscripts in at least 6,828 instances. As such, you have faithfully translated God's holy name in your Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament).

    From the time of William Tyndale (1494-1536) and the influence of the subsequent King James Version, the English Bible tradition has frequently used LORD in place of the divine name in its Old Testament. The Watchtower Society has been telling Christendom since before the New World Translation was published in 1950 that we have offended God by removing His holy name from our Old Testament.  Please do not stop reminding us of that.  We need to listen to the truth you are telling us.  More importantly, in true repentance we must translate and publish what God has written in His Word.  We must follow the example you set in your own Hebrew Scriptures and reinstate the name of God into our Old Testament.

    Thank you for reminding us of our error.  Please persist until we change.