Why do we publish anonymously?

    Because Word Resources, Inc. frequently publishes books without an author's name, we are occasionally asked for this information. The second edition of The Tetragrammaton and the Christian Greek Scriptures (1998) gave the following information [updated where necessary]:

The author

    There is merit in following the practice of the Watch Tower Society wherein the author's name is not listed in a book. However, since this book has been independently published, the author needs to be identified for the sake of credibility.  We trust this brief introduction will be sufficient for that purpose without bringing offence.

    Lynn Lundquist is a general journeyman electrician currently working as a manufacturing plant supervising electrician/millwright.  He is a certified welder.  He was the General Manager of a small plastic injection molding plant for three years.  In addition to his training in the trades, he holds both a BA in Anthropology and a Master's degree in Education.  Among his other writings in print are three electrical textbooks distributed by nationally recognized professional book publishers.

    In final preparation for writing this book, the author completed a year of evening classes in New Testament Greek.  The author has never been one of Jehovah's Witnesses, though he attended weekly meetings at a local Kingdom Hall for three years.

    This book was written solely for the purpose of sharing the results of a personal study of the Tetragrammaton in the Christian Greek Scriptures.  The author receives no royalties from this book.

    This book was produced with personal funds.  Word Resources, Inc. is owned by the author.  No financial support or endorsement was obtained from any sectarian or religious organization for the production or printing of this book.

    Since the publication of the first book in 1998, we have published seven additional books, all dealing with the Tetragrammaton Apologetic.  A great deal of material is also available on both our web site www.tetragrammaton.org and in CD format.  As was the first book, portions of this material have been produced with the assistance of others having special training in biblical languages.  Considering our reading audience, it seemed more prudent to publish without authors' names and academic credentials.

    Above all else, the evangelical reader must be aware that style and reference sources were always tailored to the Jehovah's Witness reader. As a result, the books and web site material have often drawn positive comments from Witnesses that it is respectful and understandable.  (Of course, the books' points-of-view have also, at times, been vehemently attacked!)

    A second reason for eliminating the author's name is more fundamental to our purpose.  Avoiding the use of an author's name (and in some cases even a publisher's name) has fulfilled our expectation that the Tetragrammaton Apologetic would propagate faster as public domain material.  Between 1998 and 2004, over 115,000 books and shorter works have been printed in English. None of this material is copyright-protected.  In addition to the United States, books have been widely distributed in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and English speaking Africa.  32,000 copies have already been translated and published in Ethiopia and Russia.  More material is being translated and readied for printing in other languages.  Because the material is made available to anyone wanting to use it, we frequently find it on others' web sites, occasionally even as a translation.  Translated material is available on web sites in at least Finnish, French, Japanese, and Russian. We have no idea where else it might be. In order to facilitate this wide distribution of material—and with the freedom given for anyone to reproduce it at will—it was deemed best to allow the material to become public domain without carrying either a publisher or author's name.

    On the other hand, to avoid any appearance of cowardice, I have been in repeated contact with the Governing Body and other key leaders of the Watch Tower Society.  (Sadly, hundreds of personal letters and copies of books have been sent to this group of leaders without any return correspondence.)  I have kept them informed of all my publication and distribution activities.

    It has been our desire to find the fastest way possible to introduce this material to Jehovah's Witnesses world-wide.  Its impact in the few short years since 1998—using only limited personal funds and no organization or outside endorsement—has far exceeded our expectations.

    This Tetragrammaton Apologetic is proving to be a powerful tool. In spite of its increasing appearance in English and other languages, the Watch Tower Society has yet to risk a published refutation. They cannot, because there is no manuscript evidence which supports their "Tetragrammaton Hypothesis." You can use this Tetragrammaton Apologetic on your own web site or in your publications. Use it as public domain material without requesting permission or citing a reference

                Lynn Lundquist